Keeping Healthy in the Workplace

According to the well-respected website WebMD, an average of 1 to 6 workdays are missed per year, per employee, due to illness. The annual cost to US businesses every year due to missed work and lost productivity due to illness is $260 billion.

And that’s before the Covid pandemic hit its stride in the United States in March, 2020.
Keeping workplaces clean and sanitized to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 from the workplace, as well as preventing the spread of other diseases such as flu, cough and so on, is now more important than ever.

Germs Spread Far, Wide and Quickly

According to a study performed by the University of Arizona some years ago, “when someone comes to work sick, about half of the commonly touched surfaces in the office will become infected with the virus” within four hours.

Commonly touched surfaces include doorknobs, the flush handles of toilets, vending machine buttons, and the buttons on a communal copy machine. In the breakroom, coffee pot handles and the handle to the refrigerator.

An ill individual can unthinkingly touch not only his or her telephone receiver (should the business still use landlines) but also desktops and tabletops in meeting rooms.

Cold and flu germs aren’t contagious for very long, but a stomach virus germ could last all day. Coronavirus germs vary – studies have shown the germs can be contagious for up to three days on plastic and stainless steel (if these surfaces aren’t disinfected in the meantime) and can even live on cardboard up to 24 hours!

Cleaning 4 Health in San Diego

Once the facts regarding the spread and viability of the coronavirus became known, more and more companies employed professional cleaning services to deep cleaning their offices after hours (rather than the typical emptying trash cans and once-round with a mop which is what most businesses had done before). Cleaning 4 Health (CH4), headquartered in San Diego, utilizes a propriety 4-step cleaning process that not only meets but also exceeds the requirements of the CDC, which helps prevents the spread of colds, flus, stomach viruses as well as coronavirus.

But employees need to do their part as well.

Use a touch tool

Also called a germ key, a touch tool is a large key-looking piece of metal, usually brass or copper, that you can use to press buttons on elevators, gas pumps, or ATM machines (unless those buttons are heat rather than precious sensitive!), and open doors.

It takes a while to get into the habit of using it at all times, but once it becomes second nature, it will become an effective tool to help protect you from germs.

Sanitize your workspace

Even if your workspace has been sanitized by a cleaning firm overnight, get in the habit of using an alcohol-based disinfectant to wipe down your keyboard and mouse first thing when you get to work, and after you return from lunch.

Use hand sanitizer

Washing your hands with soap and water once you’ve used the restroom or after you’ve eaten is important, but once you’ve returned to your desk, use a hand sanitizer as well. That’s because of all the surfaces you may have touched between the restroom and your office – door handles, elevator buttons, and so on – all which may have been touched by someone else who may have left a cold, flu or other type of germ behind.

Taking precautions is good common sense. Making sure your business uses a professional cleaning service such as Cleaning 4
Health makes common sense, too.

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